Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Ultimate Holiday Campaign Guide #GRHoliday

It’s time to start thinking about your marketing strategy for the holidays. Plan all your activities down to the last detail and delight customers with great campaigns. We have prepared a treat for all those who like to think ahead – a special free ebook focusing on the three pillars of an outstanding holiday campaign.

If you want to run an effective campaign, you need a solid strategy integrating several channels of communication. In our holiday guide, we share ideas how to use social media, content marketing, and email marketing in order to execute successful marketing campaigns that create massive impact.

The best part is that you don’t need a huge budget in order to make use of these three channels! Analyze your business goals and use our guide to come up with ideas that will make the most of the upcoming holiday season.


Social Media

Social media has changed the way businesses interact with customers. Nowadays, everyone can share their experiences with your brand at any time and it’s there in the public eye. This is why it is so important to stay connected with your followers – gather useful feedback, collect their opinions, and run campaigns that engage the with your brand.

A dedicated team can use your company’s social media profile to provide top-notch customer support. Socialbakers, a social marketing company, uses the term Socially Devoted to describe the most engaging and responsive brands in social media:

“Socially Devoted brands understand the shifting paradigm of customer care. They know that the most responsive and dynamic audiences are on social and those people want responses to their questions and issues.”

A well-managed profile allows you to reach new prospects, bring more traffic to your website, and drive sales. You can use advertising options to reach carefully targeted audiences and build your email list with high quality sales leads.


Content Marketing

According to Neil Patel, content marketing is a way for a business owner to educate customers, as well as potential customers, about your products and services:

“The goal is to offer tips, help, and education about anything that can be helpful to a customer. This kind of information can be shared in the form of blog, white paper, webinar, video or social post. The opportunities are endless.”

Research your target audience. Check who is your ideal customer and come up with content that is useful, engaging, and helps them achieve success. Valuable content gives your brand credibility and positions you as a subject matter expert. Content fuels your marketing campaigns, drives quality sales leads, and helps meet your business goals


Email Marketing

Email has always been one of the most effective digital marketing channels. One of Client Email Report 2015 conclusions is that email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent.

There are certain characteristics of email marketing that give rise to such a high ROI. With this channel you can:

  • Run different types of campaigns to engage your audience
  • Send personalized messages to different groups of subscribers
  • Use automation features – increasing efficiency and saving time
  • Integrate with other services you’re using
  • Check statistics and optimize your campaigns based on reliable data

Our guide will inspire you with examples of great email marketing campaigns that we have collected last season.


Don’t Fill Up Data Silos

As a marketer, you need to understand the problems your audience might be facing, the way people interact with your site, and the kind of content they engage with. Organize all your marketing channels into a system – connect the different tools and gather data that will allow you to make informed decisions.

Use social media and email analytics to check if your content resonates with your audience. Access your sales tracking software in order to check the impact of your marketing campaigns on sales. In the end, the reason for launching every marketing campaign is to reach certain business goals.


Need Some Holiday Inspiration?

To get you in the holiday mood, I decided to share with you three of my favorite holiday GIFs. Cheer up – the holidays are coming!


GIF 1. Promo code from Lab Partners


GIF 2. Giftcard ideas from Starbucks



GIF 3. An email from Brit + Co


What’s your favorite holiday from a marketing perspective? Do you integrate several marketing channels into a coherent online marketing strategy? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to download our free holiday guide!

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