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2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Spamstravaganza! – Day 14

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The Empire is running roughshod all over this section of the calendar, is there anything that can save the day?

Day 14 - Millennium Falcon
Day 14 – Millennium Falcon

Ahhh, the classic ship known lovingly as “the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy”. This little model certainly lives up to that title, well half of it anyway.

This is not an improvement over the 2011 version, in fact I’d say it’s a downgrade. Disappointing really, but it’s not as slick as that version and trying to add too much detail at this scale just muddles the look. All they had to do was give it a printed disc and if they can custom print two minifigures as they have in previous years then they could add a simple printed disc. Guaranteed they’d get further use out of it down the road. I’d take a key chain with one on it at this scale.

Day 14 - Millennium Falcon (Alt)
Pac Meh

To be continued…

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