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3 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions To Start Right NOW!!

Wow. Hasn’t 2015 just flown by. It seems like only yesterday that we were all reading and writing blogs about predictions for the upcoming year, looking back over 2014, and just generally feeling the usual blend of hope and determination that every new beginning seems to bring.But, by the time the second week back at work in January has also rolled by, all that determination in the office almost invariably gives way to ‘routine’ once again, and – dare I say it? – acceptance that this might really be as good as it gets.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way of course, which is why I’m hereby advocating that we should all start making and sticking to our New Year’s marketing resolutions right now.

When it comes to hashtag marketing and reactive marketing, we are all at the mercy of the calendrical year – at Easter we must make bespoke Easter promotions, and the same goes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and indeed New Year. We would be foolish to let these dates slip by without trying to capitalise on the spirit of them.

However, behind the scenes, as marketers, there’s no reason why we should force ourselves to wait until the beginning of next January before we start making improvements to our daily, weekly and monthly routines when we would clearly benefit from starting right away.

Indeed, much like a New Year’s diet that many of us promise to endure to shed those extra pounds that we’ve managed to accumulate over the holidays – if we just started now instead, then, by the time January comes we’d be able to start the New Year just as we would like to, instead of leaving ourselves a mountain to climb to kick things off. I’ve always been a big believer that prevention is better than cure, and so I invite you to join me in making some New Year’s marketing resolutions right now, and start putting them into practice ready for 2016.


3 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions To Start Right NOW!!

1. Make New Week Resolutions Every Seven Days

Despite what may appear to be my cynicism about New Year’s resolutions, I am actually a fan of them. As I say, new beginnings often bring a sense of hope and determination with them, and this is of course never truer than when the New Year comes marching in.

But, my point is, why wait until then? Indeed, why just make resolutions to better ourselves only once a year? Surely we could all do with a little improvement here and there pretty much constantly. I know I could. Deadlines is the big one for me (look out for next week’s post ‘How To Never Miss A Deadline Again’) – and if I really did just start adhering to them for two weeks in January every year, then I don’t think you’d be reading this blog now!

No, starting today – i.e. don’t even wait until next Monday, let alone New Year – make just two or three marketing resolutions that are going to improve your performance over the coming week, and stick to them. Then, next week, make two or three more, and stick to those as well. My goodness, if you continue you doing this all the way to New Year 2017, then you will probably have the most highly perfected marketing schedule of anyone in the whole world.

My Resolution: Get ahead of all deadlines.


2. Focus On Mobile

Each year that ticks by, the popularity of the smartphone seems to zoom up once again, shown here clearly by Mary Meeker’s annual mobile trends round-up from earlier in the year.


However, if we broke this rise down into a week-by-week display, then this ‘zooming’ would appear much more gradual. The point is once again, why wait for the 2016 figures to emerge ­– indeed, why wait for 2016 to even start – before you start doubling your efforts on mobile marketing? Make the resolution with me right now to start improving our mobile efforts starting this week, so we don’t waste any more valuable time waiting for the calendar to flip over.

My Resolution: Start garnering feedback from followers on my mobile campaigns.


3. Clean Up All Details And Data Across All Channels

Earlier this year, a colleague of mine suddenly realised that the mobile phone number that was attached to his email signature was incorrect. He’d been using that same signature on all of his work correspondence for over a year – and just think of all the business he might have lost during that time. Sure, it’s fair to say that most people these days are happy to send an email, but there is still a significant amount of business people out there who like to get things started with a good old fashioned phone call.

This wasn’t the only faux pas that this same colleague (sorry, John) committed over the course of the year. The link to his website on his Twitter profile was also broken. Thankfully one of his clients noticed, informed him, and it was all cleaned up pretty quickly without too much embarrassment. But, he was left wondering just how long that link was broken, and how many prospective clients might have clicked on it, and then, upon being sent to nowhere, decided that they should take their business elsewhere. I think you know the lesson here.

My Resolution: This week I will systematically check all links, profiles and bylines to ensure that I am sending out up to date information.

Ok, so those are my three New Week Resolutions that I will start putting to work right away. Next week, I’ll come up with three more. And by the time New Year really does come around, I should be off to a flying start.

What New Week/Year Resolutions could you put into action straight away? Let us know in the comments below.

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