Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Five 2015 Online Recaps

We’re nearing the end of 2015, and boy, what a year it was! As we’re winding down and getting closer to that New Year’s bang, I’ve compiled a list of tops things to catch up before you leave work on the 31st.

Ithe spirit of last week’s post about staying productive during the Holidays, I’ve decided to slow down and embrace the extra time – golden advice for those awkward last days of December. This post will be about taking a quick five-minute break at work to catch up on 2015 in order to welcome 2016 inspired by what happened around the Internet (or World, if you will.)


1. #CMWorld Twitter Chats

You can’t mention “content marketing” without talking about the Content Marketing Institute or CMWorld. So, my favorite thing about content marketing in 2015? Those awesome CMWorld Twitter Chats.

Most of my online friends, marketing inspirations, and campaign revelations came about by taking part in these chats. It’s amazing how marketers from around the world come together for one hour, every Tuesday, to share their thoughts and experiences.

Monina Wagner compiled some of the best tweets into this post, I encourage you to read up and consider being part of that community in 2016.


2. GIF’s Ruling Email

We’ve a very image-oriented society and GIF’s are only the next step in strengthening the rise of video. My favorite thing about GIF or video is how they were used in emails. My favorite moving emails came from Photojojo, which I wrote about in our Winter Lookbook blog post.

Not only is it an exciting way to get someone to open and actually ready your email, it’s an excellent way to showcase product changes or specials. Ello sent a superb email about the changes they’ve made to their app:




3. Marketing Playlists

My coworkers like to say that I’m a hipster, whatever that means 😉 BUT as much as I like to stick to my unknown or under appreciated tunes, I love to get my day started with music that gets those marketing juices flowing.

There are two playlists that are an absolute must for those days when you need another online mind to influence your own. What do I mean?

  1. CMWorld 2015 Playlist by Cathy McPhillips – 24 songs that will take you back to the best (and most eureka-filled) days of September. I admit, I’m no Katy Perry fan but if it’s a song that brings back those awesome knowledgeable moments from Content Marketing World, count me in! Also, an absolute best for those open space moments where you can’t focus
  2. Death to Stock // Dream & Do by David James – Slightly more boho, but definitely a must listen to when you’re so deep into research, writing, or planning that you need a subtle soundtrack in the background. Just enough noise to get those neurons working.


4. Appreciating YouTube

Video marketing is an awesome thing. As much as I love reading, there’s something extra memorable and extra special about being able to see those words in action. Whether you missed out on a webinar, you’re in need of a feature recap, or maybe you’d like to hear a quick tip – videos are THE go-to channel.

YouTube has given way to so many new stars, I mean, more and more people aspire to be PewDiePie. Most of all, YouTube has managed to create a community of creators and audience alike, who want to collaborate on every level possible. My personal conclusion for 2015 and prediction for 2016 is that it’s time for marketers to join forces with YouTubers.

In case you know nothing about the world of YT, here’s the 2015 recap:


5. Star Wars

Now you’re thinking “wait, what? Star Wars? How is that marketing?” Easy. It’s reactive marketing – at it’s finest.

This year we felt a great disturbance in the force and marketers around the globe awakened. From Duracell:

to KRAFT Mac and Cheese:

THAT Dodge ad:

I mean, everyone got on board!

I could keep going, but if you haven’t been living under a rock you’ve seen all the awesome ads. Even #GRTalks awakened the force!


Goodbye, 2015!

Han shot first and we all followed. I can only image what 2016 will bring! Rounding up all our resolutions, we can already see what the next 12 months will bring:

What did you enjoy most in 2015? What are you looking forward to in 2016 marketing ideas? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below, and of course, Happy New Year!

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