Monday, December 14, 2015

Stormtrooper Sergeant Polybag Promo Starts Today

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The Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Sergeant promo begins today at Toys’R’Us stores. All you need to do is buy $30 worth of LEGO construction sets and you’ll get the polybagged figure for free. You may be able to just buy it for just $3.99. You may be able to just buy 8 of them to net a 9th one for free. Not that I’ve ever done that. I’m just saying. It could be possible. And you know, I’ve never worn a low-cut shirt while asking if I could buy 8 figures to get the 9th one for free. Never. But if I were to wear a low-cut shirt, I certainly wouldn’t wear it to try and get what I want or anything. I find them quite fashionable. As an adult male entering his forties, I always want to look fashionable, specially while shopping at Toys’R’Us stores for LEGO. And it certainly wouldn’t be to try load up on Stormtrooper Sergeants. Certaintly not. I mean, I could see the army-building potential in this. But I myself wouldn’t want any high number of them. Like, 10 is way too much. 8 might be a little on the low side. Maybe somewhere in between 10 and 8 would be a good number to have. But for $3.99 per figure, that’s quite a bit of money. If only there was some way to maybe get a small discount, maybe even just getting one for free. That would help out a lot. If there was only some way…

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