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I Bet Katy Perry Knows More About Twitter Marketing Than You

Well, that was a bold title for this blog, wasn’t it? It isn’t without merit though. @KatyPerry is the most popular Twitter account of all time with over 83 million followers at the time I wrote this. There is no success on Twitter quite like having a HUGE audience to send your messages to. If you’re to use followers as the sole metric for successful, Katy Perry’s a better Twitter marketer than you. Sorry…

Fortunately, her tweets and tactics are right there for anyone to learn from. Let’s look at those marketing tactics now and see if one day you can be a teenage dream while your Twitter account ROARS!


@KatyPerry’s Twitter marketing tactics

If Katy needs calls to action, so do you!

Calls to action are the hallmark of any successful Twitter account. You have very few characters to get your point across, and direct calls to action work best. Think about using things like:

  • Please RT!
  • Click here
  • Follow me
  • Tag a friend
  • Use this hashtag

Be as direct with your calls to action. Katy does this when she has something she wants her followers to do:

She pushes people to support her new fragrance, and she pushes people to retweet her and get new followers. She’s very clever about it too. That request to retweet her silly tweet seems like fun, but it is straight up Twitter marketing. You need to build calls to action into your own tweets to start to get the results you want from them.


Her #hashtag creation, and use of other hashtags

Your Twitter marketing needs one memorable hashtag marketing push at a time. Right now, Katy is pushing a hashtag, #KatyPerryPop, that relates directly to her new app/game:

Using this hashtag is how she’s able to ‘build a story’ about her game as she tweets it out. Her fans also have a place on Twitter to talk about the game so that everyone can learn about it together. That’s what you’re really doing with personal hashtags you create: Creating a space for people to discuss whatever the hashtag is connected to.

The other aspect of her hashtag use is that she tweets just like us. She’ll use trending hashtags to join in on the conversation, linking herself to everyone else using the hashtag. This puts her right in a place where she can reach more followers as people look through trending hashtags to see what other people are thinking, right at an emotional time:

One of the best trending hashtags she ever joined in on was one that was making fun of her infamous #LeftShark from Super Bowl 49:

In both of these hashtag uses Katy showed us that we can join in on hashtags when it’s appropriate (she’s been involved in the equality movement for years: Her first hit was about kissing a girl, remember?). She also showed us that sometimes you have to go with the crowd and eat a little humble pie. Be prepared for your #LeftShark moment on Twitter. Track hashtags effectively to get to work on this.


More Hashtags with Twitter chats

In perfect timing with the release of her app, Katy recently did an #appstorechat to answer questions from her fans. She really put her thumbs to work and answered many questions:

This was her chance to really push her product amongst a larger audience, and to have real-time interaction with her fans. Both tactics are HUGE for gaining the trust of new followers. First, new followers can find her if they regularly follow this chat, and secondly they will trust her more as they know it’s her doing most of her tweeting. Authenticity goes a long way in the Twitter marketing world.


No one uses Twitter polls like her

There are few celebrities and popular accounts taking Twitter polls seriously. This is sad to see as few things get people stirred up like voting – just take a look at the American political system as an example.

Katy uses polls to get her followers talking about issues from the silly, to the sort-of inspiring:

Using polls on Twitter is simple: If you have an engaged audience, ask a question, get @replies. This builds even further loyalty to your Twitter account, and can lead to people retweeting the poll itself to see what their friends think. This sparks further discussion and engagement, and it all starts from one question and a place to vote.

Something you may want to look at is using Twitter polls as a part of your market research. You could argue that Katy did just that with her #LeftyvsEbi tweet as she could have been trying to learn which character people like more to feature it more in the game. You can learn more about your audience using simple questions like these as well.


Twitter contests + Stuff from Katy = #WIN

There’s no doubt about it, Twitter contests are awesome. Twitter contests which are directly related to your account, like a giveaway of something of yours, always work best to. Katy uses them to:

  • Raise awareness for an album release or new tour.
  • Build her audience by requiring @mentions and #hashtag use to enter the contest.
  • Make her current audience feel valued by giving them something besides her tweets.

Your contests don’t have to be anywhere near as extravagant as Katy’s, but they do need to add value to your follower’s timeline.

A free dress she actually wore? Yes, I can see how there’s value in that! Your best contests will also have this immediate type of impact on your followers for maximum viral impact.


@KatyPerry really does know Twitter marketing!

Katy may be one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that she can be lazy with her Twitter marketing to succeed at her level. Again, that ‘success level’ is the most successful ever in terms of followers. We saw that she:

  • Uses call to action to get her fans to take the actions that will benefit her Twitter marketing goals.
  • Creates her own hashtags to have places where followers can learn more about the topic. She also joins in on trending hashtags so that Twitter users searching it can find her.
  • Participates in Twitter chats to have real-time conversations with fans, building trust amongst the new followers who find her through them.
  • Uses Twitter polls to create opportunities for conversations, and to push for shares. Maybe there’s some market research going on, maybe she’s just having fun!
  • Twitter contests shall always rule the world of 140 characters, especially when they add high value to your follower’s timelines.

You may never be a multi-platinum pop star with a sold-out world tour, but you can learn from Katy’s Twitter marketing tactics to get a few more followers! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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