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Cracking The Code Of Marketing Automation – Podcast With Lon Safko (Part 1)

What is marketing automation? Who is it for? How can one use it? These are some of the topics we’ve talked about during our Cracking the Code of Marketing Automation podcast with Lon Safko.

Lon Safko, an expert in Online Marketing and Social Media, decided to share some of his thoughts on the most important questions marketers ask themselves, when starting off with marketing automation.

The first question we’ve asked him was – “What is marketing automation and why is it important?”

Watch the video or follow the transcript below, to find out what Lon has to say about marketing automation and what it means for your business.

And if you’re curious and want to listen to the rest of the podcast – just be patient ;)! We’ll be publishing all the other pieces in the upcoming weeks.


Transcript: Cracking the Code of Marketing Automation pt. 1

Michael Leszczynski: Hello and welcome to our podcast. My name is Michael Leszczynski and I’ll be your host today. The topic of today’s discussion will be “Cracking the Code of Marketing Automation”.

I’m sure many of you have already heard about marketing automation, some of you actually had the chance, perhaps, to make use of marketing automation and have implemented it into your own marketing campaigns, and some of you will probably be completely new to this concept so I’d like to unravel some of the mysteries today and talk about the common myths and debunk them.

I’m actually very thrilled to be able to be joined today with our amazing guest speaker, he has a great personality, has got tons of, tons of experience in social media and online marketing, so I’m sure many of you will be happy to learn a few things from him. The best of all he’s got a great sense of humor, his name is Lon Safko and for those of you who aren’t as familiar with him let me just tell you a little bit about him.

He’s an innovator, in fact he’s won multiple awards for being the Entrepreneur of the Year, for example by Ernst and Young Magazine, some of his adventures are in the American History Museum, he’s a best-selling author on Amazon so perhaps you know of his books, the Social Media Bible, which is in its third edition right now, it’s been translated into five languages, and it’s probably the best ever written book on social media up to date.

On top of that he’s a speaker, consultant, and founder of over 14 companies. I could keep going on and on about him, but I’m sure you’ll soon learn to love him and know more about him so let’s get started. Lon, it’s a pleasure to have you along.

Lon Safko: OK, this is exciting talking from opposite sides of the Earth.

ML: Yes, exactly nine hours’ difference, isn’t it?

LS: Yeah, you’re in Poland, I’m in California.

ML: So how are you feeling today?

LS: Excellent! This is terrific, I’m glad to be here.

Michael Leszczynski: I was wondering, because we have had the chance to discuss a few things beforehand, the thing that struck me most is probably the topic of innovations. I know you’re great at marketing and social media but you’ve invented quite a few things over the years. Could you tell us a little bit more about what you’ve invented and what you have been up to these years?

LS: Well, my career has been varied but mostly technology and marketing. I realized early on that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. No, if you don’t have a market you just end up with more dead mice. So I thought, all that innovation wouldn’t pay off unless I understood marketing. So yeah my early career I invented the first “Computer to Save a Human Life” as coined by Steve Jobs, and yeah 18 of my inventions are in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, along with 30,000 my personal records.

ML: 30,000 wow, that’s some experience! I can tell that we will be able to learn quite a few things from you today, so I’m even more so happy to have you today. As mentioned before, the topic of today’s discussion is marketing automation and the first question I should ask you is – Why is marketing automation important and what is it?

LS: Well as I just stated a minute ago, you can have the best product and nobody knows about it, then it’s never going to sell, you won’t generate revenue. So once you have a product, now ninety percent of your resources has to be focused on marketing.

And you know, up until 2007-2008, before social media came around, it was relatively easy to market. It was expensive because all we had was television, radio and newspaper basically, but now that there’s electronic digital formats of marketing, the job is just gigantic, it’s two three times as much as it used to be.

So in order to market successfully you still have to do traditional marketing, you still have to do digital and social marketing, and that’s a lot of work. So when you look at marketing automation that’s the only way that especially small and medium-sized companies can do it.

Because of the amount of effort that’s involved you want to automate that process as much as possible, so that you can be on all of the different channels, so that you can reach as many customers and prospects as possible, but it helps you manage your time and your resources (both your financial and your human resources)

ML: Sure that’s absolutely true. It’s a completely different world, of course the target is the same, the objects are the same, but we have so many more channels to use today, to utilize, and tracking and all those channels together as it’s a completely different thing than what we had before.

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