Thursday, August 25, 2016

Five New Features: GetResponse Mobile App For Android

Real time access to information and data is one of the most important factors for conducting an effective marketing campaign. Lack of timely response to events related to your brand can harm your business reputation. This is exactly why we’ve developed a mobile app, as a practical solution, in response to this critical business need.

Our aim is to create value for our customers and make their business life easier. Hence we’ve made the app available to both iOS and Android users, and it allows 24/7 access to key information related to your individual campaigns.

Since user experience is incredibly important to us, we’ve released an updated version of our mobile app for Android. This new update gives you better control over your email marketing campaign, right from your smartphone or tablet.


Campaign Summary

As of today, there’s a new Campaign Summary card on your Dashboard, through which you can check the most important information about your campaigns. From here you’re able to monitor how many active autoresponders, forms and landing pages you have.

Additionally, you can see how many messages you’ve sent to your subscribers in the last 30 days, as well as the stats for open and click through rates. But that’s not all! When you tap on the card you’ll see more granular stats with a custom date functionality. It’s all presented in a very attractive visual form.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android






Global Search

Search for information about your campaign performance has never been faster and easier. Thanks to the new Global Search feature you can search for your contacts, messages, forms and landing pages directly through your dashboard, using your smartphone or tablet. We then display the results for you within seconds, so you just tap on the item that you want to explore in detail.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android








Advanced search for contacts

Are you looking for contacts who have a specific tag? Or those with a score value greater than zero? Or perhaps people who subscribed before a specific date? Now you can easily do that through the mobile app. Here’s how:

  • go to the Contacts List view
  • tap the filter button
  • set your search parameters and that’s it!

Then you magically see the list of contacts that match your defined criteria. You can also sort contacts via your GetResponse mobile app and send them a message regardless of where you are. Isn’t this cool?!


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android





Tag and score information in contact details

Now you can easily access the information about tags which have been assigned to your individual subscribers. Not only that, you can also assign new tags or remove an existing one. In addition, there’s a new tab called “Score” where you can see:

  • information about the current score value of a selected subscriber
  • the score value changes history


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android global search


Multiuser support

All our clients can have a multi-user account where different users can access the platform at the same time, and even with different access privileges. As of today, we made this possible for all our mobile app users.

Each user who logs-into the app can only have access to the features that they have permission to. Another cool thing about GetResoponse mobile app, right?


GetResponse Blog inside the mobile app

Do you want to keep up to date with online marketing tips as well as product updates? We again made that simple for you without leaving the app. Now you can read the articles posted on GetResponse Blog within the app.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android







Look and feel

Last but not least, we’ve improved the design of GetResponse mobile app to make it visually attractive, intuitive and user friendly. We committed to deliver such updates, because we know how busy you are and how important it is to you to be in control of your marketing campaigns while being on the go.

With GetResponse mobile app, you probably don’t need to log-into the GetResponse website to monitor your campaigns. Almost everything you need to know and to do can be performed via our mobile app.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android








We’d like to invite you to use the new version of the app and discover all the new features. Join the group of our happy mobile app users for Android. Please feel free to share your feedback with me or ask me any question which you may have.

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