Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Webinar: Using GetResponse Marketing Automation for Your Business

Marketing automation seems to be the buzz term making its way into almost every marketer’s ear these days – for good reason. Marketing automation is the answer to the siren song calling us all to automate-automate-automate.

However, wanting to automate, but without ever really understanding how we should automate our marketing processes, or perhaps even why, it’s hard to jump on the marketing automation bandwagon. Sure, it sounds cool, but how do I use it?

Well, I’m happy you asked! Join me for a free webinar on Tuesday, March 14 where we will dive straight into the how’s and the why’s of marketing automation. You’ll leave knowing why you should use marketing automation and how it will help you optimize your online marketing.


What will you gain from the webinar?

  • An understanding of marketing automation and how it can improve your results.
  • The logic behind GetResponse Marketing Automation.
  • Real-life, live examples of an e-commerce shop successfully utilizing marketing automation workflows.

Crack the marketing automation code, and start putting this buzz term to work for you! Hope to see you all there on Tuesday, March 14 at 12 p.m. EST.


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