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How to Craft an Effective Contact Us Page to Improve Conversion

Our digital properties are our windows to the online sphere. These websites, mobile apps, forums, and communities help us communicate with prospective clients from around the globe. The Contact Us page, being the major point of connection with these visitors and clients, needs the utmost attention. Of all the interaction points and forms present on a website, the contact form is the most important avenue which lets the users get in touch with you directly. To improve the conversion rate of your websites, you need to craft the almost perfect Contact Us page, ever.

With conversion forms, you can generate high-quality leads for your site. In fact, a form seems to work best when you present the visitor with an offer that they can’t resist. Listed below are a few tips through which you can craft an effective Contact Us page to improve conversions.


1. Use an awesome contact form

The contact form is the most important element of your Contact Us page. One must never think of not using a contact form simply for the sake of inconvenience. A beautiful design and layout will complement your efforts to increase your website’s conversion.


2. Be quirky

Work is no more a hush-hush and serious part of our lives. Companies worldwide are seeking the fun factor to get more and more customers onboard. In fact, humor is the new click-bait. Make sure to use content that leaves a different impression on the visitors. However, being quirky won’t mean using absurd components or baseless doodles on your Contact Us page.

3. Don’t be selfish; lend a helping hand


help your customers with a stand out contact us page


The Contact Us page is a way to interact with every kind of visitor that might visit your website. From customers to job seekers, from salespersons to media people and more, you must remember that you are designing the contact form for a wide spectrum of users.

When visitors are trying to fill a contact form on your website, use highlighting and field focusing to guide them through the procedure. If they happen to get distracted, the approach will be useful to easily bring them back, where they left. Another way of guiding them can be through the in-line validation. Some JavaScript can inform the users if they have entered an incorrect Email address before they submit their query.

Ghost texts can be entered the field to let the users know what would go there. You could even hint towards formatting the ghost text. For instance, if the ghost text for the phone number says (xxx) xxx-xxxx, it would encourage the people to fill up the form in that format. You would notice your conversion rate rise by reducing this friction.


4. Use subtle but powerful calls to action (CTAs)

We know that the Contact Us page is specifically about contacting a website owner. However, many site visitors may be just casually surfing through your website without any intention of an engagement. As a website owner who is looking forward to seeking some great conversion rate, it is imperative for you to create some value for these visitors.

An ebook, a podcast, a newsletter; giving these away for free can help you create value for your curious site visitors. These giveaways can also bring these people back to your website; hence increasing the engagement and conversion rate of your website.


5. A visual story of the company’s timeline will capture the readers

Even the best of the contact pages can be boring. In order to provide it an edge over others, you can present a visual story of your business’ timeline to help the users feel connected with the purpose of your Contact Us page. This visual story can contain an interesting infographic, a mind-map or just a simple PowToon video.


6. Promote your social media channels


use your contact us page to promote your social media channels


Social engagement with the site visitors and the existing clients is crucial. Hence, make it a point to share your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. on the Contact Us page of your website so that users can stay updated with whatever new is happening on your end.


7. Be accessible; leave clear contact details

Points of contact need to be uniformly stated on the Contact Us page of your website. However, if there is a change, make sure that you update them on the website, your social media channels and send out informational emails.


8. Stay simple and classy

In many situations, the simpler elements defeat the complex things. The Contact Us pages are one such thing wherein the simplicity brings in a higher chance of people filling in the form. It is important to remove unnecessary content and form fields to enhance the conversion rate of the business website. You can measure the changes in conversion that you notice after eliminating these. You would see it moving in the right direction.

Don’t automate everything, but if you are doing so, just make sure that things sound human! Tell people about the average time they should wait up for your response to their queries. Always maintain the same tone of content throughout the page so that users feel connected.


9. Build trust


build trust with a strong contact us page


The user is taking time out of his or her day to connect with you and therefore it is imperative that you create trust on the contact page. You should ensure that the people know that you are there to help them for whatever they need. Be clear about what would be done with the information that you have collected. Let them know that their information would not be shared with partners or sold. They need to be assured that their personal information is completely safe with you. These things would create trust and increase the chances of a user reaching out to you.


Bonus tip


don't forget to optimize your contact us page for mobile users


The number of people using mobile phones to access the web has grown remarkably over the years. When designing the Contact Us page and the form, you must also keep the mobile users in mind so as to make it easy for them to use your forms. When you think about the mobile users first, you could also take the important user interface decisions.


In a nutshell

Think of all the different users who visit your website to take away some value or establish a purchase. The Contact Us page also helps you in getting your hands on new business opportunities or getting a potential partnership inquiry. Whatever it is, this page is worth spending some time on.

Designing a perfect Contact Us page with great content and an even better contact form isn’t a very big task. Just a little inspiration from some of the industry’s best websites can help you find what you are looking to offer.

Being simple and vocal with your content for this page is the key, So, always make sure that you create an awesome contact page which is easily accessible, greatly compiled and interesting to go through.


create an effective contact us page for better conversions

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